Moving Your Parents

  Sorry, Nobody Wants Your Parents’ Stuff Advice for boomers desperate to unload family heirlooms  The hard truth that others in their 50s and 60s need to know: Nobody wants the prized possessions of your parents — not even you or your kids. Admittedly, that’s an exaggeration. But it’s not far off, due to changing [...]

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What Are Senior Move Managers?

  How a Senior Move Manager Can Help Your Parents Relocate Your folks may be more willing to take a pro's advice than yours When Kathleen Key of Los Gatos, Ca.  helped her parents move from Florida to California five years ago, she faced a daunting task. “They had lived in the same house since [...]

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Real Estate Market Update San Francisco Bay Area

Will the Bay Area economy remain strong in 2017? What’s in store for commercial and residential real estate? How will Trump’s election affect our region? The ‘Bay Area’ Defined What is the Bay Area exactly? Which housing markets are included in this forecast? For reporting purposes, we are using the “textbook” definition of the San [...]

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7 Tips for Furniture Placement

7 Furniture Arrangement Tips Where you place your furniture in a room will instantly set the tone for how you'll live in that room. Here are seven must-know tips for arranging spaces, whether you're relaxing, watching TV or chatting with friends. Get Out the Tape Measure The first step in arranging a space is determining [...]

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First Time Home Buyers Guide for Californians

  With current mortgage rates low and demand for homes high, it’s a sellers' market in Santa Clara County but its changing in Nevada County . Although anywhere, the right home at the right price sells quickly. As a first time home buyer, you want to enter this market with as much knowledge as possible. One [...]

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Home Winterization Tips

  Prepping your home for the winter will save you money, guard you from unnecessary repairs, and protect your home from winter’s harsh weather. Below are some specific tasks that will prepare your home for the drop in temperature:   1. Seal air leaks Even the most efficient HVAC system cannot stand up against a poorly [...]

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Christmas in Nevada County

Christmas in Nevada County is like no other. The activities calendars are endless at this time of year. Pictured above is the Nevada County Food and Toy Run in its 25th year. Motorcycle riders from all over Northern California will once again ride down the streets of Nevada City collecting food and toys for underpriviledged [...]

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Nevada County Neighborhood Hiking Trails

  Hiking & Local Trails  Nevada City is fortunate enough to have the Tahoe National Forest as its back yard. With over 655 miles of accessible trails, numerous State Parks,  National Forest camp sites and unlimited lakes, rivers and streams for fishing enthusiasts, and hikers. Castle Peak, Grouse Ridge and the Sierra Buttes areas host [...]

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Weather in Nevada County Is Water In Our Forecast?

Let’s face it, weather is crucial. It dictates much, from our clothing to our outdoor activities to our attitude. Quick, think of your favorite place! What kind of weather are you picturing? Unless your favorite place is Joe’s Bar and Grill you may have just reminded yourself of what kind of weather person you are. And [...]

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Real Estate Tips to Downsize and De-stress your move

Ten Tips to downsize and “de-stress” your move START EARLY. END HAPPY! It’s never too early to begin the downsizing process. Begin by focusing on typical problem areas such as the attic, basement, garage, closets, file cabinets. GET GENEROUS Since you can’t take everything you own to your new home, now is the time [...]

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