Let’s face it, weather is crucial. It dictates much, from our clothing to our outdoor activities to our attitude. Quick, think of your favorite place! What kind of weather are you picturing? Unless your favorite place is Joe’s Bar and Grill you may have just reminded yourself of what kind of weather person you are. And you are in luck, Nevada County has it! This is a county that inclines upwardly. From Penn Valley to Nevada City you will find about a 1400 ft. difference.  You could almost visualize it as a weather escalator, running up the western slope of the Sierra Nevada Mountains. And the western slope is the favored slope by the way, enhanced by rains coming off of the Pacific Ocean and free from the desiccating winds of the Great Basin that characterize the eastern slope. Nevada County’s elevation varies from 1520 feet at Lake of the Pines to 7227 feet at Donner Summit. In general, if you are too hot you can go up the mountain and if you are too cool you can descend. For snow go up, for no snow, go down. Penn Valley is below the snow and above the fog you will find in the central valley further down the hill. There are no hurricanes or tornados . Nevada City is near the middle of the county and its elevation is 2477 feet. If you enjoy all four seasons, you aren’t likely to find anywhere that is doing a better job, weather-wise. So let’s take a look at what you can expect seasonally in central Nevada County for example.


Expect some showers but also days warming into the high-seventies, with lots of greening and flowers both cultivated and wild. You’ll experience general feelings of optimism and renewal and have the urge to wear cotton garments again.


It gets warm to very warm, downright hot at times, but it’s also just what you need to convince yourself to take a day to go to your favorite spot on the Yuba River. Of course gardens and farms grow greatly – tomatoes ripen and fruit is as sweet as you remember as a child. Hillside vineyards are turning into what makes a winemaker smile and you will never have to wear a sweater to your Fourth-of-July Picnic. Think sun hats , bathing suits and iced beverages.


Warm afternoons follow cool mornings where you might catch the scent of cedar smoke as someone lights their fireplace for the first time in months. Stroll around Nevada City and the surrounding area for the kind of fall color to get excited about- golden leaves and golden light and maybe even some golden silence- it is calmer now. It may rain but probably not until November, when it’s welcome. “Indian Summer” often comes in October and can be experienced anytime up to Thanksgiving.


It will snow, but only when you really need it to. This could be for your ski day or a white Christmas or the day you want to not be able to make it in to work. Mostly it will rain to replenish or be cool-to-cold. But not the kind of cold that keeps you from doing things. There are even days in late Winter that masquerade as Spring. Cabin fever is little-known in these parts. Endless gray weather seldom goes unbroken.

We just think it’s nice here. Enjoy the weather!

10 day weather planner: https://weather.com/weather/tenday/l/Nevada+City+CA+95959:4:US


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